We are coffee lovers!

We serve and prepare our drinks so that our customers can taste a real specialty coffee.

For us Fix is beyond a cup of coffee, it is a place where you can meet people, relax, buy art objects and learn a little more about coffee production and the world.

Owners are always open for good conversation and direct connection with their customers.



Our suppliers are carefully chosen and prepare delicious snacks.


Coffee & Teas

Our production chain is vertical, produced from the planting to the drink ready for the customer, so we can always maintain the standard of a good coffee of Brazilian origin.

In addition, we work with specialty coffees from other sources, always keeping the standard.

For tea lovers, we have delicious caffeinated and non-caffeinated flavors that can be served pure or through our special recipes.


Owners hold international Torra and Barista certificates, which personally train their employees.

We require all our employees to be Food Safety certified.

Our production in Brazil has certificates and notes of specialty coffees, according to the association of specialty coffees.



We want to open new stores and in different cities, always maintaining our identity and quality.

To be a reference in service and quality of coffee.